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Rude Spoonerisms It's easy to get tongue-tied and accidentally say something rude, as you'll know if you've ever watched one of those compilations of TV slip-ups. Often just switching two small sounds in a phrase will result in an embarrassing, or even obscene Spoonerism! Aug 29, 2015 · The Reverend William Archibald Spooner was born in London on July 22, 1844. He was an albino and suffered defective eyesight, and it is thought that this caused some of Author: Martin Chilton.

Spoonerism Fairy Tales. I've collected, thanks to all you random web surfers, quite a bit o' fairy tales in spoonerized form. See below. And, please, check this page carefully before you e-mail me asking for something. As you can see, it is not the standard story, but a variation, plus spoonerisms. I have been pointed to a more complete (or Author: Matthew Goldman. Oct 25, 2017 · Archie Campbell, a writer and the star of the long-running variety show Hee Haw, loved to use Spoonerisms in skits on the show. One of the most .

Explore Spoonerisms A large section of Fun-with-words.com is devoted to Spoonerisms, so take a look around. Read more about Spoonerisms and the history of Spoonerisms. Learn about Rev. W. A. Spooner and why his name has become immortalised in the Spoonerism. Spoonerisms are named after the Reverend William Archibald Spooner (1844–1930), Warden of New College, Oxford, who was notoriously prone to this mistake. The term "Spoonerism" was well established by 1921. An article in The Times from that year reports that.