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Lura Turner Homes – 8640 N 19th Ave #14 – Phoenix, AZ 85021 – (602) 943-4789. ADOH may be able to assist you or provide referral to other professionals in the following areas: Persons with Physical Disabilities. People with Alzheimer's Disease.

Looking for special needs adult care? Choose from 17 options in Goodyear, AZ. Average special needs adult care rate: $13.00/hr. Special Needs / Special Needs Adult Care / Special Needs Adult Care in Goodyear, AZ. Distance I started working at a group home company for individuals with special need at a very young age and knew at that. Group Homes, residential support, Arizona, AZ, DES DDD, Disabilities, Autism. Residential Services. Group Homes; We offer unique, home environments with up to five persons per home, and we encourage active involvement in the neighborhood and surrounding community. Group Home in Phoenix, Arizona Take a look at a home!

This program provides a safe and healthy home environment for our members. Group homes function like traditional family homes, with up to six adult residents who, along with staff, prepare and enjoy meals together, go on outings, attend events, host engagements and support each other. In many cases, the best group home for a at-risk young adult may not located in the Goodyear, AZ area. This is why group homes accept young men and women from all parts of the country. Mental health professionals agree that it is a good idea to send a young adult to a group home that is not close to their home.

The challenge for many families seeking out a care home for developmentally disabled adults is knowing what to look for. Here are a few reasons Stephen’s Place stands out as a leader in the developmentally disabled adult care home community.