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By Baby Bri Hypnosis Tapes: BabyTime.mp3: After listening to this file the listener will spend 20 minutes as a helpless baby and then return to being themselves. They will have full memory of their time as a baby. Baby.mp3: Hypnosis Tape - Feel like a baby, act like a baby, uncontrollably wet or mess diapers whenever appropriate. Relaxation for bed wetting to enjoy comfortable nights of sleep with this professionally-recorded hypnosis MP3 download from Hypnotic World.5/5.

Bedwetting is much more prevalent than the common perception. You can become so anxiety and stress free that you will wet your bed every night while also ridding yourself of the embarrassment and guilt of wearing diapers and rubber pants to bed. You may even lose interest entirely in adult television and much prefer your baby shows. Dec 02, 2011 · With her roommate out for the night, world renown Pin-Up model Ludella Hahn is looking forward to a quiet evening alone. She's delighted when she discovers someone's sent her a present-- but delight turns to confusion when she finds that the package contains baby powder, a Nuk 5 adult pacifier, and a bundle of Aww So Cute adult diapers!

Solo Baby Wets The Bed - When at home you can regress yourself to a real baby simply by repeating a special keyword three times to yourself, or by playing the related subliminal recording. You will feel like a real baby and will wet your bed or diapers. dutch adult baby, baby bottle, zuigflesje: Free to download. This files requires that you have an account on Warp My Mind and that is something that you can create for free. Here is the files i was talking to: Sarnoga – Every Good Boy Wears Diapers. If you are not already a bedwetting bastard there is little point in listening to this.