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Getting social care and support for adults. Support to stay living in your own home. Care homes and housing options. Caring for family and friends. Mental health services. Help for adults being abused or neglected. Children's transition to Adult Social Care. Your social care rights and entitlements. Changes to health and care in Leeds. Age. What is adult social care and support? Care and support for adults is the term used to describe the help some people aged over 18 need to live as well as possible with their illness, disability or other problems. It can include help with things like washing, dressing, eating, getting out and.

Leeds City Council Adults and Health Adult Social Work Service Student Welcome & Introduction Working with people to develop services is a central theme in Leeds City Council’s Better Lives Strategy which sets out a new approach to the meeting of adult social care needs, Through Better Living, Better Conversations and Better Connections. Leeds City Council. Visit our website * Care options advice. Who it is for? This service is for older people, working age adults with a physical disability or learning disability: Where it is available? Local service covering: Leeds (West Yorkshire). How to access or apply for it: The first step is to contact Adult Social Care on 0113 222.

Leeds City Council - Adult Social Care Date Issued 01/03/2016 INTRODUCTION Page 1 of 11 1. Introduction 1.1. This Staff Instruction is a schedule of Charges, Rates and Allowances. It addresses Charges and Allowances referred to in other Staff Instructions. 1.2. Each year charges and allowances are reviewed and require approval by the Director of. Strengths based social care in Leeds City Council. Better Lives for people in Leeds The way we provide social care in Leeds has undergone something of a quiet revolution over the past year. We’ve long aspired to offer support in a way that enables people to live a better life, but.