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An issue relevant to many active adult homebuyers relates to property taxes. Some homebuyers feel that they should receive a property tax break or pay no property taxes at all, while others see the need to continue paying property taxes. Check out both sides of the topic here.Author: Danny Goodman. Apr 07, 2017 · 7 Things to Know About Living in an Age-Restricted Community. House hunting for active-adult living can be a whole new ball game. a full-suite property management software company that works with property managers and homeowners associations throughout the U.S. an active-adult community information website and brokerage service.Author: Devon Thorsby.

Home to hundreds of 55+ active adult and retirement communities, New Jersey is a place where many individuals prefer to live. While that may have been surprising back in the early days of resort-style active adult communities, developers now know that many empty nesters and retirees enjoy staying close to their hometowns. Community property laws generally. Community property laws affect how you figure your income on your federal income tax return if you are married, live in a community property state or country, and file separate returns. If you are married, your tax usually will be less if you file married filing jointly than if you file married filing separately.

The official website of Bexar County Tax Assessor - Collector Albert Uresti. Information on paying property taxes in Bexar County, Motor Vehicle Registrations, and Beer & Wine Licenses. The community property states are: Alaska (by agreement), Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. (In Alaska, spouses can sign an agreement making specific assets community property.) Here's a rundown on what is community and separate property in community property states.Author: Nolo.

The laws in community property states vary in their finer details, but community property means that all assets purchased or acquired by a couple during their marriage are owned equally by both of them. It is the case regardless of how the asset is titled. Characterization of property is a crucial and necessary component of every community property tax case. Characterization is important, because it will determine the tax consequences. As it relates to separate tax returns filed by married individuals domiciled in a community property state, federal income tax is assessed on 100% of a taxpayer's.