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The Sentinel isn't terribly written, or poorly concieved, it's just extremely flat throughout. There is a good book in here somewhere, but the exe The Sentinel is very much a book 'of it's time'. Take one half Rosemary's Baby, one half The Exorcist, and sprinkle over a little Amityville horror.3.9/5. The Sentinel ~ New Fan Page Information on the characters, episode guides, pictures, links ~ everything a new fan needs to know. ~ link added 8/00 ~ 852 Prospect ~ The Sentinel Slash Archive Archive for The Sentinel slash fanfiction ~ link added 8/00 ~ Guideposts ~ The Sentinel Gen Archive Archive for The Sentinel gen fanfiction.

Feb 16, 2019 · Profile; Welcome to 852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive! This collection contains fan-written fiction set around the TV show The Sentinel. 852 Prospect is open to new stories that adhere to the original archive guidelines.. Original archive description, originally posted in the 1990s: If you are under 18, or don't particularly want to read about the relationships of m/m, f/f or. All stories on this page are GEN.Please observe additional notes, warnings, and spoilers at the top of each story page. Unless otherwise noted, all of Izzy's gen stories were originally posted to, and exclusive to, the SentinelAngst List, a wonderful place to foster friendship and encourage lots and lots of writing.. Stories listed from newest (top of page) to oldest (bottom of page) within.

852 Prospect is an archive for adult fanfiction based on the TV show The Sentinel. While it accepts both het and slash adult stories, the majority of the stories on the archive are slash, reflecting the fandom. The archive is named for the fictional address where the two main characters of the show live: 852 Prospect Ave., Apt. 307, Cascade, WA 98765, USA.Archivist: alice ttlg. 852 Prospect Ave: The Sentinel Adult Fiction ArchiveThe largest collection of The Sentinel SLASH fanfiction anywhere, this archive also accepts any HET/ADULT fanfic story or poem. Updated daily, it is easily navigated using the Automated Archive's Quicksearch system.