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inflamed breast cyst - Is It a Breast Infection and Did Breastfeeding Cause It?

Sebaceous cyst in breast has the following Potential complications: Inflammation-An inflamed cyst is difficult to remove since an epidermoid cyst can become tender and swollen. Rupture-a ruptured cyst often leads to a boil-like infection that requires prompt treatment. Infection-Cysts . Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Fowler on infected sebaceous cyst on breast: Assessed to determine the proper course of .

Breast Cysts. Cysts are epithelial lined fluid-filled cavities, which form when lobules become distended due to blockage, usually in the perimenopausal age group. Cysts make up 15% of presentations with palpable breast masses and 7% of women will experience one during their lifetime.4.6/5(10).