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Directory of lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender bars in the USA. G a y B a r s List. Directory Listing of Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, & Bisexual Bars in the USA. North Carolina Jump to City: deZyres Sports Bar and Grill. Type: Gay. 1350 Tolar Drive Greensboro NC. One of the few neighborhood gay dive bars here in North Carolina that is not trying to be some dance oriented mess or anything else besides a damn good gay bar. Worth the effort to find parking and then a seat and have a beer and enjoy the cute butch guys of downtown Raleigh. One of the two gay bars in North Carolina worth visiting in my opinion.4/5(20).

I feel like they are taking advantage of the gay and lesbian community. They clearly do not care for the club to be a place of refuge for the LGBTQ community they only care about the money. Most of the bar tenders do not make the drinks very strong at all either. This is a very clicky bar 3.5/5(69). North Carolina Lesbian and Gay Bars Clubs - Maps, Links, Driving Directions NC North Carolina Lesbian and Gay Bars, Restaurants, Lodging, Pride Event, Business Maps Gay and Lesbian Bar Maps North Carolina Automatically Optimizes for iPhone, Android, Smartphones.

every saturday 10pm – 4pm. show starts at midnight. twerk contest $$ 3 bars / 2 dance floors / pool tables. 18 party & 21 to swallow. Raleigh's Neighborhood Gay/Straight/Whatever Bar & Club! Located at 2 S West St Raleigh, NC. For more info check out our site or call us (919) 832-8855.

Raleigh, North Carolina has much to offer its gay bar visitors for a fun night out. With its exciting gay nightlife, it's no wonder why many gay, lesbian and LGBT-friendly patrons travel to these locations. Raleigh gay bars and nightclubs add an exciting and entertaining cultural vibe to the surrounding areas and are definitely worth visiting! Charlotte NC's newest Gay bar, dance club and lounge. VJ spins dance videos Fri & Sat nights beginning at 10 pm. Gay Video Lounge is open Tuesday - Sunday at 6:00 pm. Serving the .